Friday, March 5, 2010

Capitancillo Islet Escapade

I've been super busy since first week of February. I've been working Mondays through Sundays to keep up with my multiple task. Remember the saying "be careful what you wish for cause you might just get it"? I've wished to have more projects & tasks & that makes up my loaded schedule. I'm having 3 ongoing freelance projects w/ good rates & 1 part-time bookkeeping/accounting job with my previous supervisor handling 2-clients in a row. My sleeping time schedule changes from regular sleeping time into sleeping by dawn & will wake up in the middle of afternoon but still following the 8hours sleep. Wednesdays & Saturdays are great time to meet up with friends & Sundays for family but still work is on top priority. What's strange about it is that I don't feel the weekend at all but when I have vacant time during weekends, I just stay at home watching my new fave show "LOST" & some new episodes of my late favorite-"How I Met Your Mother".

Since work is all I think about each & everyday, I seldom think about going on a vacation. Vacation is good if you have more vacant time. But recently, I just got a 2days-off outing w/ my family & the cost is not that much so I don't have to worry about spending funds. I finally have time to relax, chill, & be away from work.

It's unforgettable experience that day when went to Capitancillo Islet on Sunday & it's a bit risky that day, since that morning, we we're able to receive news about tsunami that hits Chile & it could hit Philippines but thank God it didn't. It's 30minutes boat travel from Bogo beach shore.

The islet is surrounded by beautiful sets of coral reefs. It's excellent for snorkeling & it's one of the best diving spot in Cebu. It has clear sea water with white beach.

There were Japanese tourist in the islet from Medellin Beach Resort riding this beautiful boat for island hopping & one of them comes near to our cottage & drinks "Tuba or Palm wine" w/ our older folks. You can see how the water tries to lure you to come & dive. Lots of beautiful fishes around, I wasn't able to take a picture of them cause I don't have a water-camera.The lighthouse below is really beautiful. It's powered by energy from the sun & will light up during evening to give lights to ships & boats that passes by during evening.

If you happen to visit this island, here's a friendly reminder to keep it's beauty: LEAVE NOTHING BUT FOOTPRINTS, TAKE NOTHING BUT PICTURES.

(Photos here are shot from my mobile phone, no photoshop tricks...just a vivid images of one of those beautiful creation of GOD)

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